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March 1st 2009
Metronome : cover/ feature artist in March issue

Erinn Brown has a voice that most people only dream of and she really knows how to use it. Soulful, sweet and powerful, Brown flaunts her talents on this sexy offering Don't Forget About It. Enlisting a camp of Boston musicians that include Pete MacLean, Michael Miksis, Jeff Buckridge, Ken Clark, Henley Douglas, Jr, Steve Peabody, Lisa Marie, Julie Dougherty, Brian Maes, Dennis Babin, Will Pirone, Marty Rowen, Masashi Nakamura and "Walnut da Lyrical Geni," Brown and company step on the gas pedal and never look back. Reminiscent of Susan Tedeschi and the great, Bonnie Raitt, Erinn Brown sings song that makes your heart quiver. Don't miss this talented gal when she performs in your town!
- Douglas Sloan, Metronome Magazine

"Sultry funk 'n' soul from an singer who knows about the intricacies of the heart. The music stings and heals at the same time.''

"Erinn Brown has some old-school influences -- Memphis soul, especially -- but she presents them with a contemporary spin. Songs burst forward with her engagingly elastic voice, aided by warm elements of Hammond B-3 organ and horn flourishes. Her new album has some great songs such as the clever "Love is a Peace of the World,'' the Bonnie Raitt-evoking ballad "Time to Waste,'' and hugely cathartic "Dig Out the Pain,'' which tells you that this lady has been around the block. Amid the rootsy, experience-laden tracks is even an acid-jazz reprise of a song heard earlier called "And in the End,'' where she notes that "everybody is trying to win their own game.'' She wins her own here.''

-- STEVE MORSE, longtime Boston Globe reviewer

"Erinn's voice really cuts through and generates a feeling of intensity and a sense of urgency with a cool rythmic vibe." - Round Sound Management, Boston, MA

For something a little different and a touch of sincerity in a world of glamour, talented singer/songwriter, Erinn Brown, offers snippets of her songs, ...

...For those of you who weren't there last Sunday, she plays GREAT acoustic originals - stuff with soul, attitude, edge, balls and beauty... -Inge Berge

Wonderful release party Sunday! Thank you! Great to see all the players come out to support you and to be on stage with you.
Great to see all the other friends and players.
Erinn: Great show. Your cover versions are really original, the band was dynamite, and you have great stage presence. I hope to see you again soon and will try and get more people to come. Take care
I've never met anyone who didn't like your sound. Your music is wonderful and would be appreciated all over
the west coast, US and Canada - Frank (Vancouver)
Erinn '2N' Brown has created a buzz on the North Shore of Boston and where ever she performs. Erinn Brown just released her second album in 9 years. Both of these albums are brilliant. More people need to hear Erinn Brown's music. - (anon)
"...Really outstanding - and never mind her all-star ensemble! Just a great group of talent producing some stellar music. This record is well worth the buy and at least a few thousand listens. Can't wait for more!..." -Nick-

"...Her ability to fuse folk, blues and funk is beautiful, engaging and unique. I was almost completely mystified sitting there listening to her."

"Erinn's new CD of originals, with an all-star cast of Boston's finest musicians, has been a long time in the works. But it's worth it. Erinn has plenty to say, and knows how to say it with feeling and rocking bluesy tunes, beautifully written and well produced..." - Hugh

CD Baby reviewer Bill -
"This CD rocks, rolls, swings, and jumps! I love the variety!. Erinn Brown knows how to deliver the goods. Choir Of The Birds has a pretty melody. Angle From Montgomery rocks my world. Urge For Going is a sad, but touching song about moving on. Brown's voice is in top form in each tune, and the instrumentation is perfect and gripping. I think this singer-songwriter knows how to reach her fans."

from the audience at Tommy O'Doyle's, May 2007 - your performance was excellent - your voice powerful...
"As I listened to her weekend sets, I was visited by a recurring thought: Why is someone with this much talent and training playing in small rooms with local bands? Perhaps her next CD will change all that. Until then, catch her while you can. " - Will Pirone, Salem Sounds, February 2006 (click here to read the full review)