And In The End Lyrics Erinn B. Brown, 2002

@2008 Erinn Brown (BMI)
all rights reserved

So many people won't listen. They just don't wanna spend the time.
They think they know it all and they're gonna stand tall but you know
You can't change their mind - They're walkin away
And they don't hear what you say

It's too much; all the fuss. Why couldn't we all take the bus?
Everybody's tryin to win their own game but we all gotta live the same.
Rodney King's not wrong. Why can't we all get along.

And in the End we only see what we wanna see
It doesn't mean much to anyone else but me, it seems
I will keep trying to impress you with the rest of my views.

A chill wind is blowin the nation; Some of us know where it's from
Others blame the head of an evil motivation
But they don't know what they've done
They lit up a fuse and they split us in two

One mind is a closed mind; the other could go either way
The only bit of difference is fear of an existence
That rules the way that you lead your life
It should be easy; You gotta speak freely


There are two sides to every story. Someone must have all the glory.
On the way up to the high rise, there is no room for compromise.
And in the end

Pickin long butts from an ashtray; Night time becomes the day
Sippin at the empty bottle of wine
She waits for the moment when she will be inclined to leave
If only she could see

"Three years," He said, "just three years; everything happens in threes.
To see the trouble and the tears through all the struggle
It only takes three to see and if I could choose, I could use the excuse".